President’s Diversity Advisory Committee (PDAC)

The President’s Diversity Advisory Committee has created this application so that you may request up to $400 for a diversity-related event at SFCC. Download application. The funding request must be received by appropriate PDAC officers at least 2 weeks prior to the next scheduled PDAC meeting. Funding is subject to availability of funds and following the funding criteria.

Mission Statement

The SFCC PDAC acknowledges the rich diversity of the community we serve. The PDAC will develop, implement, and measure activities in support of achieving diversity goals.


The Santa Fe Community College Board and SFCC’s president have expressed a strong commitment to diversity at SFCC. To empower this commitment the President’s Diversity Task Force was formed in spring 2007.  In 2008 this group became permanent and the name was changed to the President’s Diversity Advisory Committee.  The committee is comprised of staff, faculty, and students who advocate for inclusiveness and equity for every member of the campus community.

SFCC Governing Board Diversity Policy 1-24:

The Santa Fe Community College Governing Board is committed to achieving diversity on campus that reflects the diversity of the community that we serve. Principles of diversity will guide teaching and learning and will influence all programs and activities of the college, including outreach, curriculum, hiring, communications, policy direction, partnership and student support. Diversity reflects the core value of the college to serve all student population regardless of race, age, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental handicap or disability, serious medical condition, veteran’s status or spousal affiliation.

Strategic Priority: Commit to Diversity of Students, Faculty and Staff

Because the college strives both to reflect the diversity of its community and celebrate its value we commit to actively promoting diversity in all its aspects in our enrollment, hiring, and professional development practices.


The PDAC established following diversity goals for Santa Fe Community College.

  • Goal 1: Curriculum: Develop, implement and revitalize curriculum to reflect diversity in content, perspectives, and pedagogy
  • Goal 2: Data and Analysis: Collect and analyze data to enhance and improve programs/policies to meet diversity goals
  • Goal 3: Hiring Practices: Increase diversity among faculty, staff and administrators to reflect our community
  • Goal 4: Recruitment and Retention: Acknowledging that students come first. Increase diversity in student retention that reflects diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Goal 5: Increase Community Partnerships: Improve and increase partnerships and workforce development within our diverse community
  • Goal 6: Campus Climate: Create a campus where sensitivity and respect are demonstrated
  • Goal 7 : Communication: Acknowledge and promote diversity

President’s Diversity Advisory Committee

Chairs (2019-2021)
Aamna Nayyar • (505) 428-1258 •
Andrew Lovato • (505) 428-1375 •
Ann Black • (505) 428-1811 •
Azher Saleh • (505) 428-1305 •
Brooke Gondara • (505) 428-1941 •
Emily Drabanski • (505) 428-1607 •
Emily Stern • (505) 428-1467 •
Ernest Kavanaugh • (505) 428-1681 •
Jenny Landen • (505) 428-1837 •
Margaret (Meaghan) Hopkins • (505) 428-1632 •
Mary Eleas • (505) 428-1582 •
Meghan McGarrity • (505) 428-1604 •
Melba Ramos • (505) 428-1880 •
Melissa Garcia •
Sahaj Khalsa • (505) 428-1820 •
Shalimar Krebs • (505) 428-1819 •
sj Miller •  (505) 428-1610 •
Stephen DeGiulio • (505) 428 -1240 •
Susan Johnson • (505) 428-1455 •
Valerie Nye • (505) 428-1506 •
Yash Morimoto • (505) 428-1765 •
Meeting Schedule:
  • First Monday of each month (unless notified)
  • Location: President’s Conference Room (unless notified)
  • Time: 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm (unless notified)