Dental Booth at the International Folk-arts Artists Resource Fair

Santa Fe Community College Dental Department offered free dental education and basic dental screenings, yesterday at the International Folk-arts Artists Resource Fair 2017 at Christ’s Church on Don Gasper. Our booth was visited by 100+ visitors and 30+ dental screenings were provided. Free giveaway at the dental education booth included; toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, denture cleaners, denture fixer, and educational material brochure and pamphlets. It was a fun international event, where we learned about various cultures and customs and also got to brush-up our multi-lingual skills (Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, Urdu, Uzbek, etc.).

The dental booth was made possible by supply donations from: NM Dental Foundation, Henry Schein Dental Supply Company and Patterson dental.

Aamna Nayyar, B.Sc, BDS, DDS
Natalya Starkle, DDS
James McDermott, DDS
Karla Martinez-Vigil, CDA, AAS
Abdullah Shah, AAS

Thanks to Mr. Bill Ferguson for giving us this serving opportunity.