Certificate in Law Office Administrative Assistant

The certificate prepares students as entry-level law office administrative assistants, a position leading to higher-level employment including, legal secretary, or paralegal. Graduates are trained to assist in operating private law firms, courts and government agencies, corporations, and other businesses/organizations conducting law-related work. Students gain skills in preparing correspondence, utilizing legal filing systems, scheduling and coordinating depositions and meetings, and providing multifaceted office support in fast-paced legal environments. Students also gain skill in professional communication, workplace behavior, and proper office attire and grooming.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Describe the basic structure of the American legal system
  • Describe the fundamentals of organizing documents and utilizing filing systems
  • Compose basic correspondence to communicate effectively with attorneys, clients, witnesses, and the general public
  • Demonstrate organizational skills in a legal office setting
  • Describe the law office administrative assistant’s role in maintaining the legal field’s ethical and professional standards

Class Requirements

ENGL 111                                Composition and Rhetoric (3) [and]

ENGL 112                                Composition and Literature (3) [or]

ENGL 119                                Professional Communications (3)

LEGL 111                                 Introduction to American Law for Paralegals (3)

LEGL 114                                 Legal Secretarial Skills (3)

OFTC 111                                 Business Software Essentials (4)