Certificate in Water Treatment Operation

This certificate provides technical training for students interested in careers as water system operators. Courses are designed to develop and improve on-the-job skills required to operate water treatment and distribution systems. The program prepares operators for the New Mexico Environment Department water certifications.

Class Requirements


ENVR 119        General Industry Health and Safety (3)


BLDG 111        Construction Safety (3)

WATR 111       Introduction to Water Treatment and Distribution Systems (2)

WATR 112       Applied Math for Water Operators (4)

WATR 160       Applied Chemistry for Water Treatment Operators (4)

WATR 166       Microbiology for Water Treatment Operators (4)

WATR 215       Permits, Regulations and Water Resource Management (3)

WATR 260       Advanced Water Treatment Technologies (4)

WATR 290       Water Operator Certification Review (3)


NOTE: See First-Year Student Success Course Requirement on Page 8.