Certificate in Social Media Specialist

Upon successful completion of this certificate students have the technical skills for entry-level employment in the field of social media. Students will utilize multiple social media platforms and integrate multiple hardware and software tools necessary to create media campaigns. Students will have the chance to prepare for social media professional certifications. The curriculum is designed for students who are interested in working in collaborative and creative culture environments with entertainment, journalism and media professionals.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Use multiple social media and cloud-based programs to execute short social media campaigns.
  • Design a social media campaign and the elements needed to create accounts and posts.
  • Create and manage media, media storage, posts and blogs.
  • Apply knowledge of ethics and law, including copyright and trademark law, to social media campaigns.
  • Demonstrate professional readiness for a career as a social media specialist.
  • Demonstrate the use of internet evaluation tools to assess the success of campaigns, including fundraising and e-commerce.

Class Requirements


MART 180 Photoshop I (3)

MART 111 Introduction to Social Media Basics (2)

MART 115 Social Media Basics (2)

MART 200 Copyright, Media, and Society (3)

MART 201 Applying Social Media Techniques I (2)

MART 202 Applying Social Media Techniques II (2)


Choose from the following:

ARTS 125L Art Practices I (3)

FILM 130 Video Production I (3)

FILM 136 Women Make Media (3)

FILM 150 Introduction to Film Studies (3)

FILM 200 Media and the Environment (3)

MART 130 Web Design I (3)

PHOT 111 Digital Photography I (3)

PHOT 150 Camera Use and the Art of Seeing (3)

PHOT 294 The Photobook (3)