Certificate in Sculpture

The Sculpture Certificate provides students with necessary skills to begin or advance a career in sculpture. Students will learn to operate the appropriate tools and machinery to realize their design ideas. Students also will learn the concepts necessary to prepare them for designing and building their own sculpture. Students will explore conceptual issues related to self-expression as part of the art making process.

Class Requirements


ARTS 116L      Three-Dimensional Design (3)

ARTS 294L      Arts and Design Advanced Projects (3)

DRPT 118L      Drawing I (3)

SCUL 115L      Basic Fabrication and Safety (2)

SCUL 213L      Sculpture I (3)

SCUL 262         Metal Sculpture I (3)

SCUL 263L      Sculpture II (3)

SCUL 264L      Mixed Media Sculpture Assemblage (3)



AHST 202         Art History II (3)

AHST 207         Contemporary Art (3)

ARTS 280          Business Practices for Designers (3)

ARTS 298         Internship (1-3)

PHOT 195         Photographing Artwork (3)

SCUL 134         Forging for the Sculpture  (3)

SCUL 260         Contemporary Bronze Sculpture (3)

SCUL 261L      Stone Sculpture (3)

SCUL 265L      Glass Sculpture (3)

SCUL 267L      Metal Sculpture II (3)

SCUL 270L      Wood Sculpture (3)


NOTE: See First-Year Student Success Course Requirement on Page 8.


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