Certificate in Legal Secretary

This certificate prepares students for a career in law as a legal secretary and leads to higher-level employment, including as a paralegal or executive legal secretary. Graduates are trained to facilitate legal offices and legal departments within courts, government agencies, and larger organizations. The program focuses on preparing legal correspondence, interoffice documents, conducting basic legal research, developing case files for litigation, and utilizing time management and organizational skills in a fast-paced environment.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Describe the structure of the American legal system and how legal cases are processed
  • Describe the legal secretary’s role in utilizing time management and organizational skills in the effective operation of law offices and legal departments within governmental agencies and larger organizations
  • Compose legal correspondence and interoffice documents to communicate effectively with attorneys, clients, witnesses, and the general public
  • Organize case files
  • Conduct basic legal research
  • Describe the legal secretary’s role in maintaining the legal field’s ethical and professional standards

Class Requirements

ENGL 111                             Composition and Rhetoric (3) [and]

ENGL 112                                Composition and Literature (3) [or]

ENGL 119                                Professional Communications (3)

LEGL 111                                Introduction to American Law for Paralegals (3)

LEGL 112                                 Introduction to the Paralegal Profession (3)

LEGL 114                                 Legal Secretarial Skills (3)

LEGL 121                                 Legal Research and Writing I (3)

OFTC 111                                 Business Software Essentials (4)