Certificate in Jewelry/Metal Arts

The certificate in Jewelry/Metal Arts is designed as a workforce development degree that trains students to design and fabricate jewelry and enter the jewelry industry locally and/or internationally. Core courses offer a broad perspective including numerous techniques used in the production of jewelry using precious metals and stones. Electives focus on business practices and skills necessary for entrepreneurial endeavors.

Class Requirements


JEWL 114L      Jewelry/Metal Arts I (3)

JEWL 130L      Introduction to Enameling (3)

JEWL 158L      Silversmithing I (3)

JEWL 159L      Wax Carving for Jewelry (3)

JEWL 212L      Advanced Stone Setting (3)

JEWL 217L      Jewelry/Metal Arts II (3)

JEWL 220L      Casting for Jewelry (3)

JEWL 275L      Jewelry/Metal Arts III (3)



Choose from the following:

AHST 201         Art History I (3) þ

AHST 202         Art History II (3)

ARTS 113L      Two-Dimensional Design (3)

ARTS 116L      Three-Dimensional Design (3)


ARTS 125L      Art Practices I (3)

ARTS 280         Business Practices for Designers (3)

ARTS 296         Fine Arts Portfolio Development (3)

ARTS 298         Arts and Design Internship (2)

DRPT 118L      Drawing I (3)

PHOT 195         Photographing Artwork (3)


NOTE: See First-Year Student Success Course Requirement on Page 8.


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