Certificate in Gallery Management

This certificate is designed to prepare students for employment in art galleries, arts organizations and museums. Students are provided a comprehensive knowledge of art history, art criticism, business practices, collections care, the contemporary art market, artist’s rights, contracts, intellectual property, and copyright law. An extensive range of approved electives allows students to focus on a career pathway in commercial galleries, museums, or arts administration. Through projects and field experience, students develop skills in entrepreneurship, gallery operation, installation, lighting, applied gallery photography, web applications, graphic marketing materials and object care and handling. Students apply the principles of gallery and arts management through supervised internship placement into a gallery, museum or non-profit art center in Santa Fe, the third largest art market in the United States.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective administrative support in a gallery or museum work environment.
  • Employ professional standards in the handling, organization, and display of artwork.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of a range of contemporary and historical perspectives in art.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of marketing and promotion for commercial galleries, non-profit arts organizations, and related arts businesses.
  • Apply legal and business strategies for arts related businesses and organizations.

Class Requirements


GLRY 133        Art Collections Management (3)

GLRY 140        Arts Organizations (3)

GLRY 161        Gallery Practices (3)

GLRY 162        Contemporary Art Gallery Issues (3)

ARTS  298        Art and Design Internship (3)

Related Requirements (3HRS)

Choose from the following:

BSAD 119         Entrepreneurship – Planning and

Introduction (3)

BSAD 240         Principles of Marketing (3)

LEGL 203         Art Law (3)

Approved Electives ( 6 HRS)

AHST 201         Art History I (3) þ

AHST 202         Art History II (3) þ

AHST 204         Modern Art (3)

AHST 207         Contemporary Art (3)

ARTS 165         Art Exhibitions and the Cultural

Landscape (3)

ARTS 280         Business Practices for Designers (3)

BSAD 119         Entrepreneurship – Planning and

Introduction (3)

BSAD 240         Principles of Marketing (3)

GLRY 163        Professional Framing and Matting (3)

GLRY 175        Legal and Business Issues in the Arts (3)

GLRY 210        Art Criticism (3)

MART 130       Introduction to Web Design (3)

MART 170       Writing for Mass Media (3)

MART 180       Photoshop I (3)

PHOT 195         Photographing Artwork (3)

NOTE: See First-Year Student Success Course Requirement on Page 8.


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No on- or off-campus classes or activities will be held, and no labs or other student services will be available.

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