Certificate in Fashion Design

This certificate provides students with the entry-level skills to design, create and market fashion. Students may select courses in fashion and costume design, fashion marketing and illustration. Students should select all courses in consultation with an adviser.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Present sketches, patterns and finished garments demonstrating proficiency in fashion illustration drawings skills, sewing, textiles, history of fashion, ethnic design and garment production.
  • Design fashions that meet varied human physical needs applying the design process and principles, which includes conceptualization, problem solving, drafting, construction and evaluation.
  • Apply business principles, practices and ethics and apply these to fashion design. Internships are required for the degree.
  • Create fashion design portfolios documenting fashion illustration/costume design, garment. production/marketing and participation in fashion events.

Class Requirements


DESN 170         Textiles: Study of Fabrics (3)

FASH 113         Production Sewing (3)

FASH 120         Flat Pattern (3)

FASH 130         Fashion Illustration (3)

FASH 150         History of Fashion (3)

FASH 160         Introduction to Fashion Design (3)

FASH 224         Introduction to Computer

Fashion Design (3)


Choose from the following:

ARTS 280         Business Practices for Designers (3)

ARTS 296         Arts and Design Portfolio (3)

GLRY 161        Gallery Practices (3)


Choose from the following:

ARTS 120L       Color Theory (3)

ARTS 138          Color and Culture (3) þ

ARTS 298          Arts and Design Internship (1-6) [or]

DESN 185L       Trade Mart Field Trip (3)

DESN 200L       Design Studio (1)

FASH 121          Patternmaking – Draping (3)

FASH 155          Costume Design for Film and Stage (3)

FASH 240          Sample Design (3)

FASH 248          Ethnic Design Studio (3)

FASH 260          Fashion Collection Studio (3)


NOTE: See First-Year Student Success Course Requirement on Page 8.