Certificate in Computer Hardware and Software

Successful completion of this certificate prepares students for a career in information technology. Students learn best practices in troubleshooting, networking, and security for a variety of digital devices from mobile to traditional operating systems. Students prepare to take the CompTIA A+ exam or Network+ exam, which validate technical and professional knowledge, skills, and abilities. These industry-recognized exams increase employability worldwide.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Apply operating system tools for system management.
  • Build operating system tools.
  • Perform routine network administrative tasks.
  • Install, update, and configure hardware components.
  • Install and update software.
  • Use basic tools and best practices to protect an organization’s data.

Class Requirements


ISCS 114 IT Essentials I: Computer Hardware and Software (4)

ISCS 116 Introduction to Linux (3)


ISCS 117 Linux Certification Preparation (3)

ISCS 122 Computer Networks (3)

ISCS 298 Internship (3)