Certificate in Film: Post Production

School of Trades, Technology, Sustainability and Professional Studies, 505-428-1524

Upon successful completion of this certificate students have the technical skills for entry-level employment in the field of post-production. Students will utilize multiple non-linear editing software platforms and integrate multiple hardware and software tools necessary to create short video projects. The curriculum is designed for students who are interested in working in a collaborative and creative culture in mentorship with filmmaking professionals.


Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Use multiple non-linear editing software programs to execute a short video project.
  • Manage media, media storage, and execute off-line and on-line edits.
  • Design with a team post-production workflow.
  • Apply filmmaking skills to complete a short film.
  • Model skills used by professional filmmakers.


  • FILM 131 Editing I (3)
  • FILM 231 Editing II (3)
  • FILM 232 Editing III (3)
  • FILM 233 Editing IV (3)


Choose from the following:

  • FILM 130 Video Production I (3)
  • FILM 140 Film Crew I (4)
  • FILM 140L Film Crew I Lab (1)
  • Y FILM 141 Film Crew II (4)
  • FILM 230 Video Production II (3)
  • FILM 280 Digital Cinematography I (3)
  • FILM 281 Digital Cinematography II (3)
  • FILM 281L Digital Cinematography Lab (1) [or] Any ISCS or MART course

NOTE: See “First-Year Student Success Course Requirement” on Page 8. TOTAL 24 CREDITS MIN.