Certificate in Controlled Environment Agriculture

Successful completion of this certificate prepares students to become greenhouse professionals with the knowledge and skills to work in hydroponic and aquaponic greenhouses for home/farm and commercial scale operations. Students will learn about greenhouse operations, multiple hydroponic systems, major techniques and challenges of growing hydroponic plants from propagation to harvesting and marketing, resource conservation, integrated pest management and aquaponics.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate understanding of sustainable agriculture production techniques commonly used in controlled environment agriculture.
  • Provide leadership in creating and maintaining safe working and production environments.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of economic, environmental, and community impacts of soilless agriculture.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of soilless plant systems.


Class Requirements


GRHS 121        Greenhouse Operations and

Management (4)

GRHS 123        Introduction to Hydroponic Systems (3)

GRHS 125        Hydroponic Plant Systems (3)

GRHS 127        Hydroponic Vegetable Production (4)

GRHS 221        Aquaponics (4)



Choose from the following

BSAD 119         Entrepreneurship-Planning and

Introduction (3)

ALTF 111         Introduction to Alternative Fuels

and Vehicle Technology (3)

ENVR 111        Introduction to Sustainability (3)

ENVR 215        Active Water Harvesting and (3)

Distribution Systems

HMRG 118       Sanitation and Safety (2)

SOLR 111         Introduction to Solar (1)

SOLR 131         Design and Installation of Solar Hot (3)

Water Systems

SOLR 121         Design and Installation of (3)

Photovoltaic Systems I

GRHS 298        Greenhouse Internship (1-4)


NOTE: See First-Year Student Success Course Requirement on Page 8.