Automotive Certificate in Automatic Transmission Transaxle

This certificate provides the skills and training needed to earn an entry-level position at an automotive maintenance repair facility. Courses included in the certificate prepare students to pass the Automotive Service Excellence Maintenance Automatic Trans/Transaxle A-2 test.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Diagnose automotive automatic trans/transaxle system problems.
  • Diagnose and interpret machining specifications and determine corrective repair operations.
  • Diagnose, repair and assemble automatic trans/transaxle to OEM specification.
  • Diagnose and repair computer control trouble codes which affect the operation the trans/transaxle system.
  • Understand all regulatory laws on disposal of materials and waste products.

Class Requirements


ENGL 109 English Composition (3)
BLDG 115 Trades Math (3)
ATEC 111L Introduction to Automotive Service (2)
ATEC 112L Engine Repair (4)
ATEC 116L Automotive Electrical/Electronic Systems I (4)
ATEC 208L Automatic Transmission Transaxle Differential (4)