Certificate in Arts Foundations

The certificate in Arts Foundations provides the core courses generally accepted nationally as gateway courses for the student pursuing an undergraduate degree in the studio arts and design. Foundations courses are an integral part of the undergraduate experience, with an emphasis on the importance of developing concepts, craft and critical thinking skills. Completion of this certificate allows students to take additional studio courses in fine arts, and continue working towards an undergraduate degree.

Learning Outcomes


Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Analyze compositional dynamics used to express ideas within the two-dimensional and three -dimensional formats.
  • Demonstrate a competent handling of compositional forces and the elements and principals of design, including color interaction, value and form in space.
  • Develop and solve visual problems using multiple strategies for idea generation, such as convergent thinking, divergent thinking, collaboration, and metaphorical thinking.
  • Demonstrate, through verbal critique and in writing, the ability to assess and critically analyze  artwork, using the terminology of visual language.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the creative process, with a capacity to link critical thinking and visual analysis in the generation, development, and framing of an idea.
  • Describe a wide range of contemporary and historical perspectives in art, including the recognition, examination, and articulation of the instrumental function of art and artist in society.

Class Requirements


AHST 201      Art History I (3) þ

AHST 202      Art History II (3) þ

ARTS 113L    Two-Dimensional Design (3)

ARTS 116L    Three-Dimensional Design (3)


ARTS 125L    Art Practices I (3)

ARTS 120L    Color Theory I (3)


SCUL 115L    Materials and Safety (2)

DRPT 118L    Drawing I (3)

MART 119L   Digital Skills (3)

NOTE: See First-Year Student Success Course Requirement on Page 8.