Certificate of Completion in American Sign Language Interpreter Preparation

This American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter Preparation certificate is designed to emphasize skills in career and educational opportunities as sign language interpreters between Deaf and hearing people, using spoken English and ASL. This certificate continues the knowledge of Deaf culture, intercultural and cross-cultural communications, ethics, laws, and professional behavior for sign language interpreters. In addition, theoretical and practical training is designed to prepare students for entrance into the interpreting field, serving both Deaf and hearing consumers in a variety of settings.

To qualify for the ASL Interpreter Preparation certificate, we require the following:

  •  Associate degree in ASL or equivalent
  • Pass the screening of your ASL skills (minimum of AMSL 212 or equivalent)
  • Completion of the ASL Interpreting Preparation Certificate Program form
  • 2 professional references/letter of recommendations

List of core required courses.