Associate in Science in General Engineering and Engineering Technology

This degree prepares students to transfer to four-year institutions to earn bachelor’s degrees in engineering or engineering technology. Students must work closely with their transfer institutions and their SFCC advisers to ensure the best transitions to four-year schools.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Evaluate, construct, and utilize design models to identify and solve problems related to project management.
  • Implement engineering design methodology to predict both primary and alternative solutions.
  • Evaluate and solve engineering problems related to course content.
  • Articulate and justify both technical considerations and solutions through oral, written and graphical communication methods in engineering problems.
  • Effectively solve problems in teams.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility in the field of engineering

Class Requirements

Communications (9 hrs.)

ENGL 111 Composition and Rhetoric (3)
ENGL 112 Composition and Literature (3)
ENGL 216 Technical Writing (3)

Mathematics (8 hrs.)
Students who do not place into MATH 162 must take appropriate MATH prerequisites

MATH 162 Calculus I (4)
MATH 163 Calculus II (4)

Laboratory Science (12 hrs.)
CHEM 121 General Chemistry I (3)
CHEM 121L General Chemistry I Lab (1)
PHYS 161 Calculus Physics I (3)
PHYS 161L Calculus Physics I Lab (1)
PHYS 162 Calculus Physics II (3)
PHYS 162L Calculus Physics II Lab (1)
Social/Behavioral Sciences (3-6 hrs.)
ECON 200 Principles of Economics – Macroeconomics (3)
S [or] ECON 201 Principles of Economics – Microeconomics (3)
S Social/Behavioral Sciences course (3)
Humanities and Fine Arts (3-6 hrs.)
The combined total of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Humanities and Fine Arts areas should equal 9 credit hours.
Health and Wellness (1 hr.)

ENGR 111 Introduction to Engineering (3)
ENGR 121 Engineering Graphics (3)
ENGR 122 Engineering Methods (3)
ENGR 160 Engineering Graphics and Design (3)
ENGR 212 Engineering Statics (3)
ENGR 215 Engineering Programming using MATLAB (3)
ENGR 222 Engineering Circuit Analysis (3)
ENGR 222L Engineering Circuit Analysis Lab (2)
Additional optional courses offered at SFCC required for some fields of engineering.

Students must work closely with an adviser to select courses appropriate to their engineering field and transfer institution.

CHEM 122 General Chemistry I (3)
CHEM 122L General Chemistry I Lab (1)
ELEC 122 Digital Circuits (4)
ENGR 221 Dynamics (3)
ENGR 260 Mechanical Engineering Design (2)
ENGR 260L Mechanical Engineering Design Lab(2)
MATH 264 Calculus III (4)
MATH 267 Applied Differential Equations (3)
PHYS 263 Calculus Physics III (3)
PHYS 263L Calculus Physics III Lab (3)

Six credit hours of the A.A. and A.S. must come from an approved list of courses that satisfy the following requirements. These are not meant to be additional hours in the degree but are, instead, existing courses that satisfy the requirement and appear anywhere in the degree.

Cultural Perspectives (3 credit hours)
Sustainable Living (3 credit hours)

NOTE: See First-Year Student Success Course Requirement on Page 8.