Associate in Applied Science in Building Science and Construction Technologies

This program prepares students for the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) and Associate General Contractors of American (AGC) Journeyman certification exams. Students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for entry-level positions in residential and industrial building construction industry. This degree provides students with communication and critical-thinking skills that support job advancement.

NOTE: A.A.S. degrees are designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in specific occupations; they are not generally intended to transfer to four-year institutions. For more information on transfer, refer to Page 34 of the SFCC catalog, or speak with an academic adviser.

Students can earn the following certificates related to this degree:

Building Science and Construction Technologies
Concrete Finishing

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competency in the residential and industrial construction areas of basic safety, methods and materials.
  • Demonstrate competency in OSHA 30-hour construction safety.
  • Demonstrate competency in trade fundamentals, adhesive selection and use, properties of fasteners, concrete, and green building standards.

Class Requirements


Communications (6 credits)

ENGL 1110 Composition I (3)

ENGL 1120 Composition II (3)
ENGL 1210 Technical Communications (3)
ENGL 2210 Professional and Technical Communication (3)
COMM 1130 Public Speaking (3)
COMM 2120 Interpersonal Communication (3)
COMM 2140 Small Group Communication (3)

Mathematics (3 credits)

MATH 1130 Survey of Mathematics (3)
Higher level MATH course except MATH 1215 Intermediate Algebra

Additional General Education Classes

Laboratory Science (4 credits)

Social/Behavioral Sciences or Creative and Fine Arts (3 credits)

Humanities (3 credits)

Health and Wellness (1 credit)


BLDG 111 Construction Industry Workplace Health & Safety (3)

BLDG 112 Building Systems (4)

BLDG 113 Introduction to Green Building (3)

BLDG 114 Construction Methods and Materials I (3)

BLDG 116 Applied Construction I (4)

BLDG 118 Construction Methods and Material II (4)

BLDG 121 Applied Construction II (4)

BLDG 201 Construction Methods and Material III (3)

BLDG 203 Applied Construction III (4)

BLDG 225 Green Building Policies, Codes, and Incentives (3)

BLDG 260 Construction Methods and Materials (6)

BLDG 261 Applied Construction Methods and Materials IV (4)

ENEF 111 Healthy Homes (1)

FACT 113 Basic Blueprint Reading (2)

NOTE: See First-Year Student Success Course Requirement.