Associate in Applied Science in Automotive Technologies

The Automotive Technology associate program is designed to provide students with entry-level employment as automotive technicians. By the time students complete this program, they should to be able to achieve Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification in four or more competency areas.

NOTE: A.A.S. degrees are designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in specific occupations; they are not generally intended to transfer to four-year institutions. For more information on transfer, refer to Page 28 of this catalog, or speak with an academic adviser.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate service, diagnostic, and repair procedures required by dealership and private repair facilities
  • Service and repair modern automotive vehicles while addressing all National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards and environmental concerns
  • Demonstrate the safe operation of tools and equipment associated with the automotive repair industry
  • Demonstrate professionalism in dealing with the public, manufacturers, certification agencies, independent businesses, and governmental agencies

Class Requirements

Communications (6 hrs.)
ENGL 119 English Composition (3)
SPCH 111 Public Speaking (3)
Mathematics (3 hrs.)
BLDG 115 Trades Mathematics (3)
Laboratory Science (4 hrs.)
Social/Behavioral Sciences (3 hrs.)
Humanities/Fine Arts (6 hrs.)
PHIL 220 Ethical Theory (3) Elective (3)
Health and Wellness (1 hrs.)


ATEC 111L Introduction to Automotive Repair (2)
ATEC 112L Engine Repair (4)
ATEC 114L Automotive Brake Systems (4)
ATEC 115L Automotive Suspension Systems (4)
ATEC 116L Automotive Electrical/Electronic I (4)
ATEC 119L Automotive Air Conditioning and Heating (4)
ATEC 125 Automotive Management (3)
ATEC 130L On-Board Diagnostic System II (2)
ATEC 150L Automotive Computer Management Systems I (4)
ATEC 165L Alternative Fuel Vehicles (3)
ATEC 200L Electrical Electronic II (4)
ATEC 201L Computer System Management II (4)
ATEC 206L Manual Transmission and Differential (4)
ATEC 208L Automatic Transmission Transaxle Differential (4)
Six credit hours of the A.A.A. and A.A.S. must come from an approved list of courses that satisfy the following
requirements. These are not meant to be additional hours in the degree but are, instead, existing courses that satisfy the requirement and appear anywhere in the degree.

  • Cultural Perspectives (3 credit hours)
  • Sustainable Living (3 credit hours)

NOTE: See First-Year Student Success Course Requirement on Page 8.