Certificate in Academic Transfer

This certificate, designed for students who are undecided about their course of study, documents the completion of the lower division general education common transfer curriculum consistent with New Mexico state law. This transfer program is designed for students who plan to transfer from Santa Fe Community College to a four-year institution in New Mexico upon completion of their freshman and sophomore level general education coursework.

While these courses are transferable, many universities prefer students take specific courses and demonstrate competency in certain areas. Students should consult with an academic adviser at that institution to determine the most appropriate course selections.

It is strongly advised that students complete an A.A. or A.S. degree at SFCC before transferring.

NOTE: The HED and state institutions have developed discipline specific general education transfer modules in Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Business Administration, General Engineering and Teacher Education. Students interested in these degree areas should follow these specific program transfer modules.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Understand and apply methods of scientific inquiry.
  • Demonstrate an appreciation for and an understanding of the arts and humanities.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the history of the diverse social, economic and political models of society.
  • Demonstrate precision, clarity and fluency in writing.
  • Demonstrate accuracy, conciseness and coherence in spoken communication.
  • Apply mathematical concepts to solve quantitative problems.
  • Apply critical thinking and reasoning skills for problem solving.

Demonstrate an awareness and understanding of gender, ethnic, minority, multi­cultural and global issues

Class Requirements


Communication (9 hrs.)

ENGL 111      Composition and Rhetoric (3)
ENGL 112      Composition and Literature (3)


ENGL 216      Technical Writing (3)


SPCH 111      Public Speaking (3)


SPCH 220      Interpersonal Communication (3)

Mathematics (3-4 hrs.)

Choose from the following:

MATH 121     College Algebra (4)
MATH 135     Introduction to Probability and

Statistics (3)

MATH 150     Pre-Calculus (4) or higher

Laboratory Science (8 hrs.)

Choose from the following:

ASTR 111      Introduction to Astronomy (4)
BIOL 111       Introduction to Biology (3)
BIOL 111L     Introduction to Biology Lab (1)
CHEM 111     Introduction to Chemistry (3)
CHEM 111L   Introduction to Chemistry Lab (1)
CHEM 121     General Chemistry I (3)
CHEM 121L   General Chemistry Lab (1)
GEOL 111      Physical Geology (3)
GEOL 111L    Physical Geology Lab (1)
GEOL 112      Historical Geology (3)
GEOL 112L    Historical Geology Lab (1)
PHYS 121      General Physics I (3)
PHYS 121L    General Physics I Lab (1)
PHYS 161      Calculus Physics I (3)
PHYS 161L    Calculus Physics I Lab (1)
PHYS 162      Calculus Physics II (3)
ANTH 207      Cultures of the Southwest (3)
ECON 200      Principles of Economics –

Macroeconomics (3) S

ECON 201      Principles of Economics –

Microeconomics (3) S

POLI 200        American Government & Politics (3)
POLI 211        New Mexico Government (3)
PSYC 111      Psychology I (3)
SOCI 111       Introduction to Sociology (3) þ

Humanities and Fine Arts (6-9 hrs.)

Choose from the following:

AHST 201      Art History I (3) þ
AHST 202      Art History II (3) þ
DRAM 111     Introduction to Drama and Theater (3)
ENGL 251      British Literature I (3)
ENGL 252      British Literature II (3)
ENGL 261      American Literature I (3)
ENGL 262      American Literature II (3)
ENGL 270      Literature of the Southwest (3)
ENGL 273      Native American Literature (3)
ENGL 286      The Novel (3)
ENGL 288      Introduction to Poetry (3)
HIST 111       Western Civilization I (3) þ
HIST 112       Western Civilization II (3) þ
HIST 161       U.S. History to 1877 (3)
HIST 162       U.S. History from 1877 (3)
HIST 260       History of New Mexico (3) þ S
MUSC 115     Music Theory I (3)
MUSC 140     Music Appreciation (3)
PHIL 111        Introduction to Philosophy (3)
PHIL 155        Logic & Critical Thinking (3)
PHIL 220        Ethical Theory (3)

NOTE: See First-Year Student Success Course Requirement on Page 8.


PHYS 162L    Calculus Physics II Lab (1)

Satisfaction of the College Core Curriculum in Humanities and Social/Behavioral Sciences to total a minimum of 15 total credit hours.

Social/Behavioral Sciences (6-9 hrs.)

Choose from the following:

ANTH 111      Origins and Antiquities (3)
ANTH 112      The Nature of Culture (3) þ
ANTH 113      World Archeology (3)