Graduation Requirements


Dear CWA Students,

Presented here are the general requirements for graduation printed in the Santa Fe Community College Catalog.

General Requirements

To be eligible to receive a degree or certificate from SFCC, students must meet the following requirements as well as those listed under the specific program they wish to pursue.

    1. The student must maintain an overall cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher and must complete all required course work. No course numbered below 111 or bearing the AEST designation is acceptable for graduation credit.
    2. A grade of C or better is required for core and related requirements and is strongly recommended for general studies requirements.
    3. Transfer credits may be used toward graduation requirements as recommended by the facility, with following requirements and/or guidelines:

a. Residency requirement: Transfer students must earn at least one-quarter of the total number of required credit hours (nine credit hours minimum) for the degree or certificate at SFCC. This shall include a minimum of one-quarter of the core requirements.

b. Technical or occupational course accepted in transfer may, with the approval of the appropriate dean, be substituted for SFCC course requirements. Such work might not apply toward courses in a major or toward general education requirements.

c. A GPA for all coursed accepted in transfer and for those used to meet graduation requirements must equal 2.0 or more.

4. The student must submit a “Petition to Graduate” to the school.
The student graduates in the semester in which all graduation requirements are completed, even though there may not be a graduation ceremony scheduled for the semester.
5. All debts to the college must be paid in full before graduation, including the graduation fee, which is due with the Petition to Graduation Form.

Graduation With Honors

Students who have completed at least 25 percent of their required course work at SFCC and whose cumulative GPA falls within a certain range will graduate with honors. A notation to that effect will appear on the student’s transcript. Honors categories are as follows:

  • 3.50 to 3.74 With Honors
  • 3.75 to 3.99 With High Honors
  • 4.00 With Highest Honors

Subsequent Degrees and Certificates

A student who has earned an associate degree from SFCC and wishes to pursue another SFCC degree must earn at least 15 additional credits over and above the general studies requirements in the subsequent degree plan.  To qualify for an additional certificate, a student must earn at least nine more credits than those required to earn the previous certificate.

For each subsequent certificate, fill out a new Petition to Graduate via MySFCC. The division will review your petition and forward to Records. You will receive a letter from Records regarding eligibility for graduation.

If you would like to talk about this process or your current program on your degree plan, please call Kathleen Finn-Brown, 505-428-1745 or Emily Powell, 505-428-1448.