Career & Transfer Services Events RSVP


Career & Transfer Services will be hosting three events during the Fall 2024 semester to help students with Career and Major Exploration. You can read descriptions of the events below. Scroll down or click here to RSVP.

Workshop 1
Introduction to Career and Major Exploration
Tuesday, August 27th

In the first workshop, we will learn about four aspects of career and major exploration—self-knowledge, occupational knowledge, educational knowledge, and decision-making skills. We will also work on several self-reflection activities to begin building a “compass” for navigating school, work, and life. 

Workshop 2
Self-Reflection and Idea Generation
Tuesday, September 10th

In the second workshop, we will learn how Chaos Theory can help with career and major exploration. In this interactive session, we reflect on the chance events and patterns that have characterized our lives and examine how change, chance, and complexity can lead to exciting opportunities for the future. 

Workshop 3
Now What? Putting It All Together
Tuesday, September 24th

In the final workshop, we integrate ideas from the previous workshops into a session on decision-making. In this workshop, we explore decision-making strategies for thriving in a complex world as we begin putting together meaningful academic and career plans that integrate our values and goals.    


For more information, please email Katie Studer at or call 505-428-1582.