Credit for Prior Learning


Credit for Prior Learning is a term used to describe learning that a person acquires outside a traditional academic environment such as work experience, employer training programs military training or experience, independent study non-credit courses, volunteer or community service, travel, or non-college courses or seminars, many of which are offered online. The Consortium colleges are collaborating to develop a system for granting credit to students for their prior learning to increase student retention, reduce time to completion and facilitate their articulation of credit between colleges. The NM State Legislature passed Senate Bill 153 that requires all NM colleges and universities to provide appropriate academic credits to Veterans and military personnel.

The Council for Adult Experiential Learning (CAEL) is assisting in identifying institutional barriers and gaps within this process. Professional development will be provided to advisors, faculty, and administrators in an effort to systemically and consistently evaluate and grant credit for prior learning.

View Advancing CPL in New Mexico Community Colleges: A Report by CAEL

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