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SFCC has many resources available for online learning. Please visit Current Resources for Online Learning.

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Online tutoring is available for all courses that have a Canvas component. More information is available here.

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Please visit SFCC Student On Campus Protocol During COVID-19. You’ll find information about how to safely come to campus. Please read the protocol before coming to campus. You will need to complete an online COVID-19 safety training. You will be required to wear a mask at all times on campus and will be screened before entering. Please note: You will need to bring your own food and water bottle to campus. You will not have access to drinking fountains, microwaves or

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Currently, food service is unavailable.  Students are discouraged from eating on campus, but some areas are designated for eating:  

Eating Areas on Campus

Students and employees are discouraged from eating on campus during Phases 1 and 2 of reopening. However if needed, students and employees are allowed to eat on campus only in the designated eating areas. The designated eating areas set up are designed to maintain 6-ft social distancing and the furniture in the areas must not be moved. If students or employees have decided to eat their meal on campus, they are encouraged to eat in their offices if possible or use the nearest available designated eating space. After students or employees finish their meals they are expected to either return to their classrooms / office spaces or leave the campus. No loitering on campus will be allowed. PLEASE SANITIZE YOUR EATING AREA BEFORE AND AFTER USE . Contact security (1224) if no cleaning supplies are available.

The following areas have been designated as authorized eating areas:

  • Health Science student lounge and atrium by the bio-wall
  • Study space outside of woodworking lab
  • Study space outside of culinary lab
  • Study space outside of the radio station
  • Study space outside of media lab
  • Campus center
  • Atrium outside of student development office
  • TATC: tables along the walls
  • TATC entrance lounge (after 5 PM)
  • Arts entrance
  • Arts: tables by the photography lab

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In accordance with the health orders of the Office of the Governor, the Fitness Education Center remains closed. More information is available on SFCC’s Campus Reopening Plan page.

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Please view SFCC’s Contact Tracing and Rapid Response Procedures

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Students will be notified via email about any developments. Please check your email and sfcc.edu/covid regularly for updates. Visit SFCC’s Facebook page and Twitter. SFCC’s ESL program is posting on the ESL Facebook page in English and Spanish.

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SFCC wifi internet access is available in the SFCC parking lot during daylight hours. More information: https://www.sfcc.edu/sfcc-wifi-access-available-from-parking-lots/

Many cell phone providers have announced plans in response to COVID-19. Check your provider for specific information. OIT has compiled a list of internet provider response to Covid-19. https://www.sfcc.edu/internet-providers-response-to-covid-19/


Internet essentials is a program which provides internet access to qualifying low income households. Additionally, they are offer low cost computers.
Visit: www.internetessentials.com

Lifeline Support is a federal program that lowers the cost of either phone or internet access
Visit www.lifelinesupport.org

Access from AT&T is a low-cost home internet service.
SFCC is not connected to any of the above programs and can’t guarantee availability.

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Categories: COVID-19InternetStudent

If you do not have internet access, please work with your instructor to find a way to receive and submit assignments. Update 3/26/20: Xfinity has opened Wi-Fi hotspots for use. SFCC wifi internet access is available in the SFCC parking lot during daylight hours. More information: https://www.sfcc.edu/sfcc-wifi-access-available-from-parking-lots/.  Internet access is available in the SFCC parking lot during daylight hours. More information: https://www.sfcc.edu/sfcc-wifi-access-

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Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps are available to students and faculty during the school closure.  Follow the instructions at https://www.sfcc.edu/access-to-adobe-cloud-during-covid-19-shutdown/.

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You can contact the following offices during the closure. Please use your SFCC email when contacting services.

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SFCC has licensing which allows all students, staff, and faculty access to up to five installation of Microsoft Office. These installations are available for Mac, Windows, Android and IOS computers. Additionally, Office 365  Online is available through your internet browser.

To access Office 365 online in a browser visit https://my.sfcc.edu and use your SFCC username and password to log in.  Click on the Office 365 icon. You may use tools such as word, excel, outlook, Teams and more from here. Documents are stored in your One Drive. One Drive provides each person with up to 1 TB of storage.

To access the Office 365 installations for Mac and Windows you will also need to log into MySFCC as above and click on the Office 365 icon. In the upper right you will see an option to Install Office. Click on it and choose Office 365 Apps. This will download the installer for all available Office 365 products. Once downloaded click on the installation download and follow the instructions to install on your device. You will need to log in with your “Work or School” account to use the software. This will be your SFCC username (firstname.lastname@sfcc.edu) and your password to authenticate your license.

For android or IOS you must visit your devices App Store and search for each tool. For example, search for Microsoft Teams, install it and log in with your SFCC username(firstname.lastname@sfcc.edu) and password to authenticate your license. Many apps, such as word, excel, Teams, Outlook are available for both Android and IOS devices.

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Please see the Microsoft Teams and Office FAQS for detailed information.

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Do you need a laptop or internet access for online classes? SFCC has hotspots and laptops available for checkout. You must be a credit-seeking student and be registered for the fall semester to qualify for this program. 
Request an appointment | Please follow on-campus protocols
Questions?  Email laptop@sfcc.edu or call (505) 428-1222.

If you would like help in purchasing your own laptop, start by logging into https://my.sfcc.edu and click on the “Dell Computer Discount” icon under Resources. Discounts are available on laptops and computer accessories.

Computer Charity NM assists low-income families  and veterans by providing low cost or free used computers. They also have many low cost laptops and desktop available for purchase for anyone. Due to covid limitations you must call in advance. http://www.computercharitynm.org/

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Please contact testing@sfcc.edu to request further information or to schedule your placement exam.

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The Cashier’s Office will not be open to take your payments. To make a payment during this time, use one of the following options:

  • Pay online with a bank account, Visa, Master, or Discover card by logging in to the MYSFCC portal.
  • Mail a check made payable to SFCC to this address:
    Santa Fe Community College,
    Attn: Cashier’s Office,
    6401 Richards Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87508.Please include your student id number (A#) on your check.   ** PLEASE DO NOT MAIL CASH **

The Cashier’s Office will be making appointments for students who need assistance with cash payments beginning Tuesday, August 25. Hours will be from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Tuesdays only. Please make your appointment in advance by calling the Cashier’s Office at 428-1008.

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Yes, SFCC Counseling Services will be available online and they encourage students to contact them. Students seeking counseling services can schedule an appointment by emailing counselingservices@sfcc.edu.

The counseling staff has also provided “SFCC Chill Room: Living Life Remotely.”  Available to SFCC Students and Faculty, “The Chill Room” is a Canvas-based resource full of physical and mental wellness resources.  This includes lists of Mental Health Resources, Yoga & Fitness, Art Therapy, Mindfulness Exercises, and more.  To access, please select “The Chill Room: Living Life Remotely” under the “Courses” tab on Canvas.

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You can place an order with the SFCC Bookstore website. They will be checking orders daily and will ship books to you.

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The SFCC Library is prepared to offer many of our services virtually. The library has created a webpage of SFCC library resources that may be especially helpful during this time:  SFCC Library Coronavirus Dashboard.  Check the Library website for ongoing services. Reach out to the library if you need assistance: library@sfcc.edu or 505-428-1352.

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Campus cupboard is providing food on Fridays, from 12-4 p.m.   Visit https://www.sfcc.edu/offices/campus-cupboard/ for details and additional information.

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Please contact your school directly for guidance.

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Online classes will continue as scheduled.  NMHU faculty are working to adapt in-person classes to an online format wherever possible.  Contact your instructor for more information.

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