SFCC Employee On Campus Protocol during COVID-19


All Employees:

  • Will submit a request to Deans/Supervisors for the day, date, and timeframe you plan to come to campus.
  • Are required to wash/sanitize your hands and wear a mask before entering.
  • Will be screened for covid-19 risk factors at limited entrance points.
  • Entrance and screening stations for all employees are at these locations:
    • 100 Main Entrance
    • 600 Testing Center Entrance
    • 400 Entrance nearest the Bio-Wall
  • Are required to wear masks at all times, unless in an office with the door closed.
  • Are not to bring children or other visitors to campus. No visitors will be allowed to enter.
  • Are required to maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet at all times, whether inside or outside.
  • Will remain on campus to do their work for as short a time as possible.
  • Will avoid using water fountains, microwaves, and break rooms.
  • Will be limited to only one employee in a copy room at a time.
  • Will avoid sitting in open areas such as hallways, student lounge areas, atriums, Campus Center, etc.
  • Will be limited to only two people in a restroom at one time.
  • Will wipe down handles and surfaces in restrooms before touching.
  • Will wash/sanitize hands before touching shared equipment such as copiers, phones, and computers or use gloves while using shared equipment.
  • Will sanitize shared equipment with alcohol (monitors, electronics, copier touchpads) or cleaning wipes (table/desktops, phones, etc.) before touching.
  • Will wash/sanitize hands after using copier or shared equipment.
  • Will avoid touching doors when possible with hands (use elbows, arms, shoulders, feet, etc.)

This protocol may be updated as needed. Please see the most current version online.

Thank you for your cooperation.