Construction Update for the ‘dirt room’

Construction on the ‘dirt room’ (Room 327) will begin Monday, March 26. Access to the hallway will be limited during construction. The project is anticipated to be completed in November. Read more about the project and to see pictures of the room pre-construction.

For more information, contact Andrea Mueller, ext. 1873.

As reported by POM:

The Santa Fe Community College’s Room 327 Renovation is a build-out of an existing shell space within the West Wing of the Main Campus Building. Construction will begin on Monday, March 26. The project includes some minor demolition of existing ramps, stairs, and walls. A new concrete slab will be poured over geofoam placed on existing grade and some minor framing of interior partitions will be necessary as well as a soffit for a new operable partition to divide the space as needed. Acoustic wall panels will also be installed. Existing HVAC units will be relocated from Room 327 to space above the ceiling in the adjacent corridor, and all new duct work will be installed within Room 327. Electrical work will include new lighting, plugs and switches as well as floor boxes in the new slab for power and voice/data. Other technology upgrades will include voice/data locations at perimeter walls, audio/visual and wireless application protocol (WAP).

Access will be limited or not accessible along Hallway 3CN during construction. The contractor is responsible to provide signage and tape off the area as necessary to maintain and safe, clean environment.