Computer Labs

The mission of IT’s Computer Labs is to assure access to computing resources for all college faculty, staff and students by providing conveniently located public computer facilities with up-to-date, well maintained hardware, software and printing services. SFCC students may use computers in various locations across campus to work on assignments, access MySFCC, assist in Internet research, check email, access online classes, register or pay their tuition, and check grades.

The ITC Open Lab in room 583 offers software that includes word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, graphics software and other packages as well as course-specific offerings. These packages are generally available on both Macintosh and PC platforms. Additional computers are located on the lower level of the West wing in the two-story atrium. A valid SFCC computer account is required to use campus computer labs.

In addition to the locations listed above, the following new areas are being developed:

Cyber Cafe—Offers students and the community a comfortable area to relax, drink coffee, talk, study, chat, or just hang out.

Library—Computers are available for community residents and students at the front of the library and throughout the library to access the catalog, research, write papers, and check email.