Central New Mexico College


Above all else, our mission at CNM is to help students succeed in whatever educational or workforce training endeavor they might be seeking. CNM’s tuition rates are low for college-credit classes and free for occupational and developmental courses at New Mexico’s second-largest postsecondary institution.

For those interested in pursuing an associate’s degree that will pave the way to a four-year university or entry into the workforce, students can choose from college-transfer courses in 28 arts and sciences disciplines, engineering, pre-management and various occupational fields. In all, CNM offers associate’s degrees in 48 arts and sciences and occupational disciplines.

For those interested in becoming certified in a trade that can lead to a more rewarding job in a high demand field, CNM is a highly respected workforce generator among growing industries in New Mexico. The college offers certificates in 52 business, health, technologies and vocational occupations. CNM is well known for responding to the needs of the local economy through course development and for its ability to efficiently train workers for quick entry into New Mexico’s burgeoning economy. With the help of CNM, about 95 percent of CNM graduates get jobs related to their field of study.

For those interested in lifelong learning opportunities, CNM’s Emeritus Academy and the Workforce Training Center offer a wide world of short-term, non-credit workshops and classes that can expand your knowledge on countless topics.

There really are great opportunities for everybody at CNM’s five locations across the Albuquerque-metropolitan area — Main Campus near downtown; Montoya Campus in the Northeast Heights; the South Valley Campus; the Westside Campus; and the CNM Workforce Training Center. CNM is scheduled to open its Rio Rancho Campus in 2010.

CNM is also nationally recognized for being a progressive community college. If you prefer attending class in the comfort of your home on your computer, CNM provides more distance learning courses than any other postsecondary institution in the state.

For high school students looking to get a head start on college, there are abundant opportunities to take dual-enrollment courses, which save plenty of time and money.

If you’re hesitant about attending college because of financial or personal challenges, CNM has a renowned collection of support services that has lifted thousands of people to heights they previously thought were unreachable. In addition to financial aid, the CNM Foundation can provide students in need with a variety of scholarships and financial assistance. CNM is the only community college in the country operating a program called the Center for Working Families, which has gained national acclaim for providing an array of financial, academic and emotional support services to low-income students. For more than 40 years, we have built a strong reputation in the community for providing high-quality, affordable instruction that has prepared countless thousands of people for rewarding careers in the community.

We invite you to browse our website at www.cnm.edu. And please don’t hesitate to let us know what we can do for YOU! You can contact us at 505-224-3000.

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