Cell Phone Pole at SFCC


During its April 27 online meeting, the SFCC Governing Board will consider the installation of a cell phone pole on campus.

The lack of adequate cell phone coverage on the SFCC campus has been identified widely as a safety and security risk. During the college’s recent Master Planning process, poor phone service on campus was identified as a top college deficiency, according to surveys and focus groups made up of SFCC students, employees, and community partners.

Public comments are welcome. Please submit via email to Audrey Lucero at audrey.lucero@sfcc.edu by 1 p.m. by April 27, 2022.

Here are some more details about the project:

The project is being led by SFCC Chief Information Officer Cori Bergen in collaboration with Sean Milks of Gravity Pad.

View a discussion about the cell pole at the March 23 Board Meeting

View a discussion about the cell pole at February 23 Board Meeting