Reopening Phase 1


Maximum Safety Restrictions


  • Buildings are not generally open to students, employees or guests
  • Events continue to be held virtually
  • Bookstore and food service remain closed


  • All theory/lecture learning offered remotely
  • Conduct high priority hands-on credit laboratories, non-credit training, and adult education instruction under the following conditions:
    • Students and faculty wear face coverings and practice other health and safety protocols appropriate to this Phase I CDC How to Protect Yourself and Others. If an employee or a student does not have appropriate face covering it will be provided by SFCC.
    • Instructors will be required to complete a health self-assessment including checking their temperature before coming on campus
    • Sanitizer in every lab and classroom where students will be learning.
    • Students will sign a waiver acknowledging risk for any on-site instruction
    • Instructors will be required to keep careful attendance records for possible contact tracing if it becomes necessary
      • Signage and flyers in labs and classrooms to remind students and faculty of distancing, hand washing and other health measures
  • Off-campus learning (clinical, internships, practicums, apprenticeships, etc.) can be conducted in collaboration with industry partners if the health and safety of students can be realized to the satisfaction of both SFCC and industry partner
  • Students who have contracted COVID-19 should retest after two weeks of quarantine, then remain in quarantine until test results return before resuming on ground or off campus courses

Student Services

  • Each Student Affairs department will offer all services online
  • Spontaneous on-campus visits by guests or prospective students will be provided a single ThinClient workstation and a telephone that will be located at the front kiosk at the main entrance so that they can receive appropriate service
  • On-campus and in-person appointments may be held with approval, but only while following written guidelines to include on-campus social distancing, wearing masks, sanitizing shared spaces and appropriate check-in processes
  • All events, meetings, advisement sessions, and student engagement and celebration sessions will be offered online
  • Students have access to all Student Affairs services either online, over the telephone, or by appointment. No student will be allowed to wait in the individual unit area: an appropriate waiting space will be identified in collaboration with facilities
  • If a student has an appointment on campus, they must first be granted permission by the AVP for Student Success and then be cleared by Safety and Security on the day they have their appointment 
    • They must follow all written guidelines which will be provided to them at the time of check in
  • The testing center will administer specific tests to specific students only on the scheduled days and by appointment only

Services and Contact Information

SFCC Library

  • Patrons
    • The library space is not open to patrons
    • Patron interactions are through virtual services
    • All patrons can make appointments for virtual services.
    • Public “gatherings” occur online
  • Services
    • Limited services, using “curb-side-pickup” (or the campus equivalent) for pick up and drop off of items.
    • Inter-Library Loan (ILL) services resumes
    • Patron interactions are primarily through virtual services
    • All patrons can make appointments for virtual services
    • Donations will not be accepted
  • Teaching
    • Teaching is virtual

Fitness Education Center

The William C. Witter Fitness Education Center will remain closed during Phase I

Information Technology

  • Technology assistance will be primarily provided over the phone or through remote tools
  • In-person technology assistance is by appointment only and with necessary safety protocols. Only available when there are no other options.

Higher Education Center

  • The Santa Fe HEC is closed to the public 
  • Events are held virtually
  • Guidelines for managing COVID testing and contact tracing will follow SFCC protocols
  • Face masks are required by all HEC staff, faculty, students, partners and guests. Anyone without a mask will be asked to leave campus immediately
  • Anyone entering the HEC must pass the COVID screening procedure. Anyone who does not pass the screen procedure will be asked to leave campus immediately
  • Anyone entering campus must follow the guidelines as stated in the SFCC Employee/Student on Campus Protocol
  • All partners will follow SFCC COVID-19 procedures