Career Training with the IET program -Integrated Education Training


(Formally named I-BEST)





Please submit the application below for Fall semester classes. 

Apply here: Fill out the online application.

Looking for a Meaningful Career?

The Integrated Education and Training (IET) Program at SFCC provides you with career pathways for automotive, facilities technician, or health care. You will learn job-related skills while you strengthen your reading, writing, and math abilities.

You can build your career and academic skills at the same time, reducing the number of semesters you need to be in school before you graduate and are prepared for your new career.

What is IET?   What’s in it for you? In 1 to 3 semesters you can:

  • Complete a college certificate
  • Receive job placement support upon completion
  • Improve your reading, writing, math, and English skills
  • Get your High School Equivalency (if you need one)
  • Earn credits towards an associate degree.

IET will provide:

  • A study plan designed for your busy schedule
  • The opportunity to prepare for a career in a high-demand job area
  • Individual attention and advising with career and academic planning
  • Financial aid guidance and support
  • Improved computer skills
  • User-friendly adult education classes and tutoring
  • Connection with a group of adult classmates in a safe and comfortable learning community.

IET Student Registration

We are currently accepting applications for Certified Nursing Assistant, a Phlebotomy Certificate. the Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair and the Facilities Technician certificate which begin August 19, 2024 for the 18-week Fall Semester. 

This process takes time!  There are important steps to complete for students to enroll in classes and apply for financial aid.  All new students and current HSE/GED or ESL students are required to attend an information session before enrolling in classes. New students will also need to attend required testing in reading and/or math depending on the program you are pursuing. During the information session, you will learn more about the program, financial aid opportunities, and steps to enroll into classes. 

To receive details about the upcoming online information sessions, please submit an online application for Fall 2024.

Apply here: Fill out the online application.

For information about classes and enrollment please contact IET Coordinator Gwen Spatzier at 505-428-1437 or  and Jean Scheaffer at 505-428-1035

IET Certificate Programs:

Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair
This two-semester program prepares students to enter the automotive repair profession as an entry-level technician. This position performs basic maintenance on vehicles such as oil changes, tire rotation, other basic maintenance and performs the important task of the multi-point vehicle inspection. As new vehicle sales increase, dealerships are expanding this service area to accommodate these new customers. Along with this certificate, students will have access to computer training modules that will support classroom work. This certificate program includes the five (5) established competencies: Introduction to Automotive Technology, Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems I, Automotive Steering and Suspension Systems, Automotive Brake Systems, and Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning.

Contact Evan O’Neal, IET Coordinator for Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair:, 505-428-1067.

Nursing Assistant
This one-semester program prepares you to enter the nursing profession as an entry-level nursing assistant. Upon successful completion of this certificate, you will meet all federal certification standards for a nursing assistant and be prepared to sit for the New Mexico Nurse Aide Registry exams. Class credits apply toward an Associate Degree in Medical Assisting should you wish to continue your studies.

For more information contact Jean Scheaffer, IET Healthcare Coordinator: 505-428-1035

This one-semester program is designed to provide you with the necessary skills for gainful employment as a phlebotomist, working under the supervision of a clinical laboratory supervisor. The phlebotomist is responsible for the proper collection, processing and testing of blood specimens and various other medical samples in accordance with OSHA safety regulations and standards. Upon successful completion of this program, you will be eligible to apply for the national licensing examination through the American Society for Clinical Pathology. Class credits apply toward an Associate Degree in Medical Assisting should you wish to continue your studies.

For more information contact Jean Scheaffer, IET Healthcare Coordinator: 505-428-1035

Facilities Maintenance Technician  

The Facility Technology Certificate provides students with skills to begin or advance a career in facilities maintenance after only 18 credits. Students will learn the skills and concepts necessary to install, operate, maintain, repair and control mechanical and electrical systems in commercial, medical, residential and industrial buildings. Students also will learn troubleshooting skills, problem-solving methods and electrical concepts. Certificate eligible for Financial Aid.

For more information contact Jean Scheaffer, IET Facilities Maintenance Technician Coordinator: 505-428-1035.

Steps for New Student Registration:

  1. Fill out and return your IET  application or fill out the application online.
  2. Make a follow-up appointment with the IET Program Coordinator.  The Coordinator will schedule and review your TABE test scores, determine if you qualify for the program and walk you through the entire process of applying for college, enrolling in classes, and finding financial aid.

For more information, please contact IET Coordinator Gwen Spatzier at 505-428-1437 or , Jean Scheaffer at 505-428-1035 or the Adult Education. .