Call for submissions for Multilingual Resources for an SFCC English Learners Library Guide

Associate Professor of English Emily Stern is coordinating with SFCC Library Director Valerie Nye to develop a list of multilingual resources for an SFCC English Learners Library Guide.

Emily Stern said, “The global equity in learning lens promotes expanding and growing relationships, reading comprehension, and access across all languages and courses by supporting multilingual learning using a relational, strengths approach.” Read more at:

The SFCC English Learners Library Guide will be organized according to SFCC’s designated Pathways. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to add contributions and suggestions of resources that would aid SFCC’s English learners. Please add your contributions to this Google document:

Here are just a few examples of some resources identified for the Arts and Communication Pathway: COMM/ENGL/READ English Language Arts Glossary (ENGL/SPAN) ENG/SPAN Literary Terms and Devices Glossary (NY State and NYU)

Here are other Pathways that we’d like to expand with resources:

  • Business
  • Health Sciences
  • Law and Social Justice
  • Science and Engineering
  • Teacher Education
  • Trades and Sustainability

Questions? Contact Emily Stern at 505-428-1467.