SFCC Teamwork In Action For Businesses And Organizations

The world looks a lot different when you’re perched on a 40-foot tower tethered to two of your co-workers. Teamwork becomes a priority, and hidden strengths emerge.

That’s exactly what you want for your business or organization: teamwork, ingenuity and strength. And that’s what you get when you bring your corporate group to the hands-on, and feet-on, Teamwork in Action program at Santa Fe Community College. A day outdoors facing the emotional and mental rigors of our challenge course will energize your staff and change the way they view the world. The exhilaration of taking risks and meeting challenges – in a physical environment that serves as a metaphor for the workplace – will propel your staff to new heights of effectiveness and productivity.

Our professional staff of facilitators has spent a total of more than 15 years in providing life-changing experiences for corporate groups. Your staff will return to your organization with an eagerness to take on challenges and the confidence and sense of empowerment that lead to positive change.


At Teamwork in Action we believe that every team is made up of individuals with an array of undiscovered strengths. By addressing the person as a whole – intellectually, emotionally and physically – we lead participants to discover the unique contribution they can make to the group. Our guided exercises help individuals to realize their own potential while weaving them into a cohesive unit to take on complex challenges like those in the workplace.


Only you can determine your group’s goals, but Teamwork in Action professionals meet with you to help you identify specific desired outcomes. Our in-depth knowledge of challenges that often arise in work environments helps us determine how to get you where you want to go.


Armed with a thorough understanding of your expectations, our leadership professionals design a program that will take you to your desired destination. And just to make sure that you stay there, we can provide follow-up consultations to ensure that the lessons learned on the challenge course are integrated into your workplace.

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