Welcome the new Associate Deans

Shalimar Krebs, (shalimar.krebs@sfcc.edu) Liberal Arts and Arts, Design & Media Arts Shalimar taught Media Arts at SFCC for five years and has worked closely with the English faculty while serving as the Tutoring Center Coordinator. With a passion for education, he has demonstrated success in creating and maintaining positive relationships while serving our Read more ›

¡Palabra!: White Ally

A White Ally is a white person who actively works to eliminate racism. A white ally is motivated by self-interest, a sense of moral obligation, or a commitment to foster social justice and does not patronize or assume to "help" people of color in paternalistic ways. A white ally may engage in anti-racism work both Read more ›

¡Palabra!: Cisgender

Cisgender is a term meaning “not transgender," that is, a gender identity or performance in a gender role that society considers to match or be “appropriate” for one's sex. The Latin prefix cis- means "on this side of" or "not across". Source: comunidades-justas.org Cisgénero/a es un término que significa "no transgénero," es decir, una Read more ›

Update from the Center for Diversity and Integrated Learning

Dear Colleagues, The SFCC #kindnessiskey Initiative is hosting a kindness-themed art show, which will open February 14 in the Main Lobby, and be up for three weeks. Attached is the call for submissions for all SFCC students and employees. We hope you'll submit, and that you'll please share with and encourage students and colleagues to contribute, and that Read more ›

International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

Two members of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, Pauline Tangiora and Flordemayo Hall, visited SFCC in November. Stephen Gomez, Luke Spangenburg and Charlie Schultz gave the party a tour of the TATC, greenhouses and discussed workforce training for the young in the new energy economy. Pauline Tangiora was traveling through Read more ›

Diversity Initiative Survey

Dear SFCC Community, Below is a link to a survey of one question related to our strategic plan’s diversity initiatives. Your feedback is crucial to our efforts to better understand the many perspectives and experiences that inform our campus culture and the materials and curriculum used in course work. Please leave your anonymous responses Read more ›

Congratulations employee graduates!

There were some familiar faces at Saturday’s graduation. Congratulations to the staff and faculty members who graduated this December! • Enita Pendleton, Assistant Professor School of Fitness: Certificate in Nutrition • Chris Gettler, Campus Security Supervisor: Certificate in Criminal Investigation • Linda Ortiz, Campus Security Officer: Certificate in Criminal Investigation • Melba Ramos, Academic Read more ›

SFCC Foundation receives scholarship funds for students of Mexican origin or descent

On Nov. 29, Interim SFCC President Dr. Cecilia Cervantes, SFCC Foundation Board President, Dr. Carmen Gonzales, Deborah Boldt, Executive Director, SFCC Foundation; Ernest Kavanaugh, Director of the Office of Student Development; and 14 Student Ambassadors attended a Check Presentation Ceremony by the Consulate of Mexico in Albuquerque, at the South Broadway Cultural Center in Albuquerque.  Read more ›

¡Palabra!: Bigotry

Bigotry is intolerance prejudice, which glorifies one’s own group and denigrates members of other groups. Source: comunidades-justas.org Fanatismo es prejuicio de intolerancia, que glorifica a su propio grupo y denigra a miembros de otros grupos. Fuente: comunidades-justas.org The word of the week is brought to you by the Center for Diversity and Integrated Read more ›

¡Palabra!: Androgyne, Androgynous and Androgyny

Androgyne, Androgynous and Androgyny refers to 1. A person whose biological sex is not readily apparent, whether intentionally or unintentionally. 2. A person whose identity is between the two traditional genders. 3. A person who rejects gender roles entirely. Source: https://www.uml.edu/docs/Glossary_tcm18-55041.pdf Andrógino, androginia 1. Una persona cuyo sexo biológico no es Read more ›


Members of SFCC received a warm Thank You letter from New Mexico Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement, Inc (NM MESA), which prepares middle and high school students for college majors and careers in mathematics, engineering, science and related fields. The college recently hosted students from Bernalillo Middle School and Cochiti Middle School for a hands-on tour of Read more ›