SFCC Teamwork In Action School Programs


Thus, the story begins . . .
Your team is a group of distinguished American archaeologists who are flying to Cairo, Egypt in search of the famed “Golden Eggs.” These eggs are v-e-r-y delicate and easily broken. They possess incredible powers of healing and rejuvenation to anyone who touched them. Your plane’s engines have malfunctioned and you are forced to parachute into the barren wasteland of the Egyptian desert. It is a dark, moon less night, making it impossible for you to find food and water. But The Blind Obstacle Course will lead you to these provisions. Read full program details.


Whether you have never been climbing or are an experienced mountaineer, Teamwork in Action will design a program that will fit your group. Challenge yourself in a beautiful environment, work together, build self-confidence, develop leadership skills, explore a new world, feel exhilarated and have fun! Our experienced guides will provide you with a safe and professional climbing adventure. Read full program details


The challenge course consists of fun, interactive events and activities tailored to adults, teens and children. You’ll participate in Cooperative Games that “break the ice,” and Initiative Exercises which offer clearly and often fancifully defined problems. Low Events are either on or low to the ground. Success is determined by the group’s ability to work together. High Events like the Zip Line and The High Wire Y are 20 to 55 feet off the ground. Read full program details.

The Map and Orienteering Course

Installed at various locations around the Santa Fe Community College’s property are 17 waypoints markers. Using maps and compasses, participants must find as many waypoints as they can in limited time. Each waypoint marker that the team locates is worth a fixed number of points.

It will be up to the team to decide how to find as many markers and/or collect as many points as possible within the allotted time. Read full program details.