Make an impact, be a Student Recruiter

Become an SFCC Student Leader On and Off Campus
• Promote SFCC and personalize the college to prospective students, their families and the community
• Increase visibility, awareness and support of SFCC
• Participate in SFCC functions and welcome prospective students and their families who visit the campus
• Educate the public about college and career opportunities at SFCC

Student Recuiters engage prospective students and recruit at high schools, conduct campus tours and assist during SFCC activities. They also promote SFCC and personalize the college to prospective students, parents, and visitors.

• Provide campus tours for prospective students, their parents and the public
• Represent SFCC at recruiting events
• Make presentations about SFCC at high schools
• Assist with college events and activities
• Attend required trainings/monthly meetings
• Assist with Outreach data entry & mailings

Student Recruiters are recognized for their outstanding service to both SFCC and the community. By joining the Student Recruiters you will:
• Receive a scholarship ($750/semester) for 55 to 65 hours per semester
• Develop and refine leadership and communication skills
• Broaden contacts among students, alumni, faculty and the community
• Become an expert on SFCC’s history and programs
• Learn from college professionals in recruitment & outreach
• Become part of a dynamic, highly visible, helpful organization

Selection Criteria
The selection process includes an application and interview with the SFCC Office of Recruitment and Community Outreach. Students selected to join this enthusiastic group should have:
• Good academic standing and maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA
• Have at least 6 credit hours with a minimum of one academic year remaining prior to graduation
• Availability to work a flexible, 55-65 hour work schedule per semester
• Strong communication and leadership skills
• A positive personality
• A sincere desire to represent SFCC
• Ability to work well with others
• A current FAFSA on file with Financial Aid

Questions about the Student Recruiter program should be directed to: Marcos Maez, 505-428-1779 or Daniela Gurule 428-1149.