New Mexico EnergySmart Academy has been part of the successful team that developed the Water Efficiency Rating System (WERS) and was awarded a Sustainable Santa Fe Commission award in 2015. We now offer the WERS training for trainers and verifiers.

WERS Training

This three day, in-person course is a Verifier course to prepare the student to take the WERS certification written and practical exams. The course covers many aspects of water efficiency in housing; however, it is expected that the student have prior knowledge about landscaping & irrigation, basics of house construction & plumbing systems, building codes, and alternative water sources which will not be covered in this class but may be in the exam material. All information not taught in the class can be found through ARCSA, the EPA, the Florida WaterStar program and the Irrigation Association. Please contact us for more detailed information and resources about this extra material.

Next class: TBA – August 2016

9am to 5pm
Room TBA. Santa Fe Community College
$ 595

Please contact Amanda Hatherly to sign up: amanda.hatherly@sfcc.edu

Extra Resources

ARCSA Resources:

“Accredited Professional” (AP) Program or “Inspection Specialist” (IS) Workshop

Or purchasing and being familiar with the info in this book.

EPA Resources


Indoor Requirements:


Irrigation Association Resources