Weatherization Retrofit Installer Technician :
Learn all the necessary skills and knowledge to become an installer for weatherization programs. Air sealing, insulation and blower door testing are just some of what you will learn. This comprehensive training is completed over three “Steps” of three days each, plus additional environmental health and safety classes. Check our calendar for the next Step One training.

This course is aligned with the NREL Job Task Analysis for a Retrofit Installer Technician 

 Weatherization Crew Leader:
After taking the Weatherization Installer training (above), individuals who would like to learn the knowledge and skills to become a Crew Leader may take this three day training. Check our calendar for the next Crew Leader training.

This course is aligned with the NREL Job Task Analysis for a Crew Leader  

Weatherization Energy Auditor:
This course trains an auditor in comprehensive inspection and diagnostic analysis of a house, including the building envelope, mechanical systems, lighting and appliances, blower door and combustion testing, zone pressure diagnostics, measure selections, generating work orders, infrared skills and more. This training is conducted over five “Steps”, most of which are 3 days long. Check our calendar for the next Step One training to start on your path.

This course is aligned with the NREL Job Task Analysis for an Energy Auditor

Weatherization Quality Control Inspector:
Individuals who have taken the Energy Auditor training (above) may then take this 3-day training to learn the knowledge, skills and abilities for an Inspector. Please see the specific Quality Control Inspector page.

This course is aligned with the NREL Job Task Analysis for a Quality Control Inspector 

HVAC for Energy Auditor:
This class is for auditors. Students will train on a wide range of systems, including water heaters, furnaces, boilers, air conditioners and ovens. Students will learn how to identify and diagnose safety and mechanical problems and learn appliance maintenance. Ventilation systems and standards will also be included. (36 hours over 3 days). This class is Step 4 of the Energy Auditing training but may also be taken separately by people who have BPI training. Check our calendar for the next available class (this will be named “Step 4 Energy Auditor”.)

NEAT / MHEA training for the Energy Auditor:
This course gives training on two energy auditing software programs typically used by weatherization agencies, NEAT and MHEA. (5 days). This is Step 5 of the Energy Auditor training. Check our calendar for the next Step 5 class.

Please see our course descriptions and fee schedule here.

Irrigation Repair

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