Agendas and Board Packets

Please note: All available supplemental board packet material can be viewed by opening the agenda below, and clicking on the links contained inside.

Current Packet

Regular Meeting Agenda 8/22/18
Work Session Agenda 8/22/18
Board Finance Committee Agenda 8/21/18
Special Meeting Agenda 8/3/18
Special Board Meeting Agenda 7/12/18
Work Session Agenda 6/20/18
Regular Meeting Agenda 6/20/18
Learning Center District Board 6/20/18
Board Finance Committee Agenda 6/19/18
Work Session Agenda 5/23/18
Consent Agenda 5/23/18
Board Finance Committee Agenda 5/22/18
Closed Board Agenda 5/9/18
Learning Center District Board Agenda 4/25/18
Consent Agenda 4/25/18
Work Session Agenda 4/25/18
Board Finance Committee Agenda 4/24/18
Special Board Meeting 4/20/18
Board Finance Committee 3/27/18
Governing Board Agenda 3/28/18

Past Packets