1-8 Board Agenda Preparation *Repealed*

Policy Overview

This policy describes the policy and process for preparing an agenda and board reports for Governing Board meetings.

Scope and Applicability

The Board Chair, with the President, has primary responsibility for developing the Board meeting agenda. Any Board member may add an item to the agenda either by contacting the Board Chair or by so indicating at a regular Board meeting.

Policy Statement

The Santa Fe Community College has and adheres to a process to develop its Board meeting agendas as required by the Open Meetings Act defined in statute.

Policy Process

  1. The agenda for meetings of the Board normally will be closed at noon thirteen days before the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Governing Board and at noon of the fifth day preceding special meetings. An emergency meeting may be called if necessary and notice will comply with the Open Meetings Act.
  2. The President of the College must be notified of all agenda items placed on the agenda.
  3. All proposed actions requiring Presidential and Board approval must be received in the Office of the President no later than noon on the Wednesday that occurs thirteen days before the scheduled meeting of the Board. Items that do not make the deadline and are critical to the operation of the College may be approved by the President and will be sent to the Board as soon as they are available.
  4. Recommendations for agenda Action Items are submitted on the form entitled Proposed Agenda Item (copy attached to this policy) through the respective Cabinet-level supervisor and must bear the supervisor’s signature.

The following format must be followed in submitting proposed agenda items:

  1. Subject: Clearly identify the content or topic being addressed. Phrase this statement so that it can be used verbatim as an agenda item on the posted agenda for the meeting.
  2. Recommendation: Provide a specific and concise description of the action recommended.
  3. Background/Rationale: Provide a statement explaining or justifying the action item. In rare instances, extended rationales may be necessary, but they should be provided as an attachment to the basic explanation.
  4. Cost/Budgetary Support: Provide a total cost for the item and an explanation of how the item will be paid for. If cost is divided between outside sources and a college match, show the amounts for each, clearly specifying the source of non-college money as well as the college budget funds that will be charged. Note also whether such college funds have already been approved and budgeted or if funding is being requested at the time this agenda item is posted.
  5. Signatures: Signature lines must appear for the person submitting the agenda item and his or her Cabinet-level supervisor, along with a space for approval by the President prior to submission to the Board.
  6. Resource Person(s): The respective Cabinet-level officer (or designee) should be available to substantiate the recommendation or provide background support in a presentation to the President and/or the Board.

Statement of Accountability and Responsibility

The President, responsible administrator, faculty or staff submitting or supporting a Board report is accountable for accuracy, professional appearance, and completeness of the report.



Original approval date: 1/15/02

Revised: 8/25/03

Revised and SFCC Governing Board approved: 11/18/14