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Biofuels Program - Biodiesel and Alternative Fuels

biofuels center of excellence

SFCC wins Multiple Awards in the 2015 International Algae Industry Readers Poll!

  • 2nd for Educational Institution
  • 3rd for Algae Microfarm design: Nicholas Petrovic, an SFCC Graduate and founder of Apogee Spirulina
  • 3rd for Cultivation Equipment: New Solutions Energy (SFCC Algae Base Station)
  • Luke Spangenburg, SFCC director of the Biofuels Center of Excellence was named an Algae Ambassador! View full results here.
biodiesel production How is Biodiesel made in our lab at SFCC? View the process from start to finish in this photo gallery of the Biodiesel production process.

About the Program

The Biodiesel and Alternative Fuels Programs provide classroom and hands-on laboratory training to workers and entrepreneurs entering the Biofuels industry. Training is presented in one of five Biofuels modules: Algae; Biodiesel; Biomass Energy; Anaerobic Digestion and Pyrolysis; and Ethanol. The state of the art equipment collected in the biofuels lab at Santa Fe community College represents the current edge of these emerging fields and demonstrates how the different systems can be used to support each other in a bio-energy loop.

Vehicles: SFCC currently has two fleet vehicles running on our lab-produced Biodiesel; plans are in the works for more soon.

Classes include instruction in OSHA health and safety; entrepreneurial business development; and a look at the challenges and opportunities for employment and small businesses in these emerging green markets.

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In the News:

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Algae Industry Magazine Interviews SFCC's Luke Spangenburg

The SFCC Biofuels Lab houses certificate programs, internships and workshops in areas including:

  • Algae production
  • Biodiesel
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Gasification/ Pyrolysis
  • Ethanol- Distillation
  • Bioenergy systems integration
  • Water Treatment Operators
  • Waste water remediation
  • Biofuels production
  • Biofuels scale-up
  • Feed stock identification
  • Feed stock conversion

With partnerships in workforce development, contract training, OSHA for Biofuels and renewable energy business development. Our partners include:

Sandia National Labs

Los Alamos National Labs


New Mexico Algae

New Solutions Energy

New Mexico Consortium

Fluid Imaging

NSF Educational Outreach


NM-EPSCoR: Algal-fuels Internships


For more information, please contact Luke Spangenburg, Director Biofuels Center of Excellence, 505-428-1807,

Santa Fe Community College | 6401 Richards Ave. | Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508 | 505-428-1000
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