Transferring to SFCC from Another Institution

As a new SFCC student with previous college credit, you will be admitted as a transfer student at SFCC if you are coming from an accredited university, college or other post-secondary institution. You should apply for admission and have official transcripts sent from all other colleges/universities you have attended. In addition to requesting official transcripts, you should request unofficial copies for yourself to keep. Your degree adviser at SFCC will help determine whether the courses you have taken elsewhere may be applied toward your degree program here.

If you have over 24 college credits from another institution and would like to obtain a degree or certificate from SFCC, you should schedule an appointment with Academic advising at SFCC.

If you are planning to take courses at SFCC and transfer them back to another institution, you should verify with your adviser at the institution you are attending that the credits you take at SFCC will apply toward your degree program. Many institutions actually require pre-approval and have a specific form for students to complete prior to taking courses at other institutions.

If you have been suspended from another institution, you will not be eligible for admission to SFCC during that period of suspension. If you are on academic probation, you can be admitted to SFCC on a probationary status. If you conceal prior attendance at other institutions or falsify information, you will be subject to immediate suspension.

For more information, please contact the Welcome and Advising Center, 505-428-1270,

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