General Education Degree Requirements for SFCC Students

Component Credits Required Credits Required
Communication 9 6
Mathematics 3 3
Laboratory Science 8 4
Social/Behavioral Sciences
Humanities and Fine Arts
6-9 (must equal 15)
3-6 (must equal 9)
Health and Wellness 1 1
Total Credits 36 23

Additional general education degree requirements are mandatory for all SFCC associate degrees and consist of:

  • Six (6) credit hours of all degrees must come from an approved list of courses that satisfy the Cultural Perspective and Sustainable Living requirements listed below. These are not meant to be additional hours in the degree but are, instead, existing courses that satisfy the requirement and appear anywhere in the degree.
  • Health and Wellness (1 credit hour)
  • Cultural Perspective courses (3 credit hours)
    AHST 150 The History of Graffiti: From Glyph to Graff
    AHST 201 Art History I
    AHST 202 Art History II
    AHST 261 World Architecture I
    AHST 262 World Architecture II
    ANTH 112 The Nature of Culture
    ARTS 138 Color and Culture
    ARTS 165 Art Exhibitions & the Cultural Landscape
    FASH 150 History of Fashion
    FILM 155 Film History
    FILM 192 Independent Film
    FILM 250 International Horror Cinema
    FILM 255 International Cinema
    HIST 111 Western Civilization I
    HIST 112 Western Civilization II
    HUMS 150 Introduction to Culture and Gender Studies
    HUMS 200 Media and Gender
    LEGL 205 Entertainment, Media and the Law
    LEGL 222 Immigration Law
    LEGL 260 Tribal Law and Government
    MUSC 130 Jazz History
    MUSC 135 History of Rock and Roll
    NUTR 200 Nutrition
    PHIL 265 Comparative Religions
    PHOT 245 Photographic Portraiture
    PHOT 255 Documentary Photography
    PHOT 260 Cognitive Psychology
    PHOT 265 Extreme Photography
    PHOT 270 Visual Anthropology
    PHOT 275 Photographing the Figure
    PSYC 210 Cultural Psychology
    RAST 112 Respiratory Care Anatomy and Physiology
    SCUL 117L Santeros: Craft and Tradition
    SOCI 111 Introduction to Sociology
    SOCI 216 Race, Class and Gender
    SOCI 220 Social Problems
    SPAN 111 Beginning Spanish 1
    SPAN 113 Beginning Heritage Spanish I

  • Sustainable Living courses (3 credit hours)
    BIOL 114 Environmental Science
    BSAD 270 Business Ethics
    ECON 200 Principles of Economics-Macroeconomics
    ECON 201 Principles of Economics-Microeconomics
    ENVR 111 Introduction to Sustainability
  • FILM 200 Media and the Environment
    FILM 200 Media and the Environment
    LEGL 207 Environmental Law
    LEGL 240 Constitutional Law
    NUTR 200 Nutrition
    PHIL 258 Environmental Ethics and Sustainability

  • Health and Wellness courses (1 credit hour)
    EXSC 220 Fitness and Exercise Testing
    FILM 140L Film Crew I Lab
    HLCR 164 Weight Management and Exercise
    HPER 111L Beginning Yoga
    HPER 117L Beginning Body Sculpting
    HPER 120L Beginning Tennis
    HPER 130L Beginning Swimming
    HPER 160L Fitness Cycling
    HPER 165L Beginning Hiking
    HPER 166L Beginning COED Strength Training
    HPER 172L Beginning Fitness Program
  • HPER 173L Swimming Fitness Program
    HPER 173L Swimming Fitness Program
    NUTR 200 Nutrition

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