Photography Program - School of Arts, Design, and Media Arts

Associate in Arts (AA)
(for transfer to 4-year institutions)
Associate in Applied Arts (AAA)
(for entry into the industry)
Certificate  (CERT) in Commercial Photography
Certificate  (CERT) in Fine Arts Photography

Student in photography silver lab.

Santa Fe has long history of attracting illustrious photographic practitioners and as a result the Photography program at SFCC is blessed with faculty and students that tend to eclipse the expectations and assumptions of what can be achieved in our program. Combine that with state-of-the-art facilities and you get an ideal environment to broaden your skills and deepen the content of your work.

During the fall and spring semesters, the program offers approximately twenty different courses, which are taught by a dedicated and exceptional group of faculty members. Averaging well over 200 students during these semesters, the program consists of a very lively, supportive, and unusually diverse community of students that consistently contribute to challenging and inspiring class discussions and critiques. The Photography Program offers diverse classes in digital photography, black and white film photography, studio lighting, camera use, and the art of seeing, among others. 

Photography studies at SFCC include digital, silver, and non-silver techniques, and emphasize conceptual and expressive approaches to using photography as a means of communication. Students develop an understanding of historical, cultural, and aesthetic perspectives in photography in addition to learning how to critically analyze images. Students complete their general and core studies, as well as create portfolios of their work for each course and as part of their degree requirements.

SFCC Photography in the News
SFCC Head of Photography Will Wilson was interviewed on the PBS TV program ¡Colores!
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