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SFCC Culinary arts student."Thinking globally and acting locally is a lot harder to do in the technology-centered world of video production. But its not impossible." May 2008

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SFCC's Film program is taking steps to be "green." For their April 2009 one-week off-site film shoot Delivery Date, the Film Crew program had to feed a cast and crew of 85. The Culinary Arts program at SFCC created an amazing catering experience utilizing local produce, washable dishware and composting and recycling waste. An added benefit was working with nutritionist and chef Adam Sanchez.

mealWorking with Sanchez, instructors offered the crew a high protein, low carbohydrate lunch that included all the recommended vitamins, fiber and minerals for the day and tasted great. Vanja Aljinovic, a seasoned filmmaker working with the program, thought the food was "just amazing — look how beautiful this all is!"

"Normally we see people slip into a ‘carb coma' after lunch," says film program instructor Matt Page. "It is well known that film crew work efficiency goes down by 50% or more after they eat."

yellow bell peppersStudents were surveyed after their meals and throughout the shooting days to see how they felt after eating and going back to work six to eight more hours on the film set. Instructors noticed a marked difference in the students' performance.

Film program instructor and producer Windy Earls said, "The best part for me is that the cost came in under $700 for the entire week. Usually we pay $2000 for four days of catering that consists of pizza and pasta. This was much better food for far less money."

SFCC's Film programs are exploring more ways to "green" their curriculum. "We have cut down on paper and printouts and create electronic documents and email them or post them online to share with students," says Windy Earls. "Normally you will see 10-15 pieces of paper generated per student per class. We have been able to really cut that down. Now over 50% of our classes do not include paper handouts."

The Film program is working to reduce the amount of tape stock and media being used. "We have switched to solid state systems where we can," says Monique Anair, full-time instructor for the Film Program. "Our hope is to follow the trends that are moving towards tapeless systems as the technology becomes cost effective for our program."

SFCC also works closely on creating local partnerships to keep money in the community. "From our truck repairs to camera rentals, we try to use companies in the area. SFCC serves our community and we work closely with local businesses to purchase everything we need right here in Santa Fe," says Anair.

For more information, please contact Monique Anair, Monique Anair, Assistant Professor, Film Production and Media Studies, 505-428-1738,

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