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Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Film
Certificate (CERT) in Film Production

What Classes Can I take in 2014?

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Film 270 - Film Crew Seminar

SFCC Film Department Going Green

Joining the growing 'green' movement, The SFCC Film Department has instituted new energy-saving measures, massively reducing both our energy costs and carbon footprint. The relatively straight-forward changes include changing twelve high-intensity lightbulbs to LED's and converting two of our trucks to biodiesel. These changes will end up saving the department close to $3,000 annually on electricity costs, and $4,500 in fuel costs ($7,5000 combined), as our biodiesel will be made on-site in SFCC's Sustainable Technologies Department. Combined, the department will reduce our carbon footprint from 26 tonnes of carbon a year to 3 tonnes, a very significant reduction based on some very simple measures. See savings details here.

NEW! Bachelor's Degree in Cinema and Technology through the Santa Fe Higher Education Center

SFCC FILM now has an articulation to IAIA’s Cinema and Technology BFA program. Students completing and AAS in Film Production, Screenwriting and Film Studies or Documentary and Environmental Media can start as first semester juniors at IAIA. Contact Undrell Person uperson@iaia.edu, 505-428-1891 or 505-424-2307.

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Career Opportunities

  • Media and Film Education
  • Digital Imaging
  • Documentary Filmmaker
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Production Assistant
  • Production Coordinator
  • Production Technician
  • Film/Video Producer and/or Director
  • Film Researcher
  • Media Planner
  • Screenwriter
  • Film Critic

To learn more about classes in film please e-mail filminfo@sfcc.edu.


For more information, please contact Milton Riess, 505-428-1421, milton.riess@sfcc.edu.

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