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Certificate (CERT) - Gainful Employment Disclosures

About the Program

Are you the person everyone calls when something in their home or business breaks down? Then a certificate in Facility Technologies from SFCC could be right for you. Qualified facilities technology experts command top salaries and find plenty of opportunities. As a plumber or heating technician you could work for yourself or choose to join a mechanical engineering services company, a building contractor or even a public sector organization.

This certificate is a series of courses designed to provide a range of technical and trade skills required to work in the field of facility technology. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of newcomers to the industry as well as provide a useful and much needed skill set to people already familiar with the trades and employed in some aspect of property maintenance.

If you're already working as a plumber or maintenance technician you can add to your knowledge by taking some or all of the courses. Best of all, classes are in the evenings and on weekends.

Career Opportunities:

  • Maintenance Technician
  • Plumber
  • Heating and Cooling Specialist
  • Building Control Specialist
  • Building Control Technician
  • Gas fitter and installer
  • Resource Conservation Efficiency Manager

A certificate in Facility Technologies from SFCC is the first step in a sequence of further training and license testing for many of these exciting, well-paying careers!



For more information, please contact the School of Trades, Technology, Sustainability, and Professional Studies, 505-428-1806,

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