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Certificate (CERT)

About the Program

Santa Fe Community College offers an entirely online and accelerated  16 credit hour certificate program that you can complete in two semesters without putting your job or family on hold.

As a changing global economy emphasizes the Internet and franchises, entrepreneurial opportunities have become a driving force of the world market. You will learn how to plan an entrepreneurial venture, create a business model, explore e-commerce, crowdfunding and marketing strategies, investigate the realm of finance and funding for startups and pitch an idea. Throughout the program, you will have opportunities to interact with successful entrepreneurs.

The program was initiated with startup funding from the Santa Fe Community College Training Center, an incubator set up to take ideas for academic programs and develop them into curricular opportunities that serve the community.

The program is offered to anyone interested in entrepreneurship, from small business owners and seniors looking for a second career, to existing and prospective franchise owners and students majoring in other fields. Many students will continue their education and transfer their credits toward a four-year degree.

Students in the program will be able to graduate with a certificate in entrepre neurship or earn a concentration in entrepreneurship as part of the Associate in Applied Science degree in Business Administration at SFCC. The five entrepreneurship classes are best taken in the order listed below. BSAD 119, the pre-requisite course, is offered in both the fall and spring semesters. 

Program and Course Information (Check the Current Schedule of Classes for Dates)

BSAD 119 Entrepreneurship- Planning and Intro           (8 weeks)
BSAD 219 Business Models                                     (8 weeks)
BSAD 220 E-Commerce, Crowdfunding and Marketing   (8 weeks)
BSAD 223 Finance and Funding Start-ups                   (8 weeks)
BSAD 224 Pitching Your Start-up                             (1 week)

 Plus 1 Approved Elective - ACCT 111, BSAD 211, BSAD 232, BSAD 235, BSAD 240 or a course within an area or field of interest 


For more information, please contact the School of Business and Education, 505-428-1308,

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