Developmental Studies Courses

The Developmental Studies program at Santa Fe Community College can help you acquire the basic skills, knowledge and learning strategies you need to achieve academic success, personal enrichment, career goals and workplace success.

To help you get off to a good start in college, acquire new workplace skills or pursue personal development, you can enroll in a variety of classes, all of which are designed to help you acquire important, practical skills that lead to success in your endeavors!

Academic Success

Language and Communication Skills

College Success and Study Skills



Service Learning

  • You can earn college credit through SFCC's HUDV170 Volunteer Service and HUDV171 Community Health Service when you apply the knowledge you gain in the classroom to volunteer work in community agencies, government offices or public schools. Service learning provides skills practice and helps you gain valuable job experience while helping others.
  • Consider becoming a literacy volunteer with the Literacy Volunteers that provides tutoring assistance at the workplace, home environment or individually.

Career Goals and Workplace Success


  • Written Communication at Work (HUDV101L*)
  • Oral Communication at Work (HUDV102L*)
  • Learning Strategies in the Workplace (HUDV103L*)
  • Workplace Communication Skills (HUDV106*)
  • Workplace Writing (HUDV109*)
  • Career/Life Planning (HUDV120*)
  • Job Search Skills (HUDV125*)
  • Career Decision-Making Skills (HUDV126*)
  • Job Success Skills (HUDV127*)
  • Student Leadership (HUDV260*)
  • Service Leadership (HUDV270)
  • Work Experience (HUDV293*)
  • Grant Writing (HUDV295*)


Personal Enrichment

  • Living Skills (HUDV100*)
  • Personal Money Management (HUDV104*)
  • Peace Studies (HUDV111*)
  • Practical Communication Skills (HUDV108*)
  • Introduction to Chicano Studies (HUDV110*)
  • Practical Psychology (HUDV135*)
  • Death, Dying, Grief and Loss (HUDV136*)
  • Sexuality and Relationships (HUDV137*)
  • Mediation and Facilitation Skills (HUDV147N*)
  • Transitions (HUDV148*)
  • Creative Problem Solving (HUDV150*)
  • Interpersonal Skills (HUDV152*)
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation (HUDV153*)
  • Current Events (HUDV155*)
  • Personal and Social Values (HUDV157*)
  • Women in Transition HUDV160)
  • Transforming Self HUDV175*)
  • Writing Personal/Family Histories (HUDV180*)
  • Managing Anger (HUDV253*)
  • Mediation Internship (HUDV298*)

Classes marked * are offered occasionally. Self paced classes are indicated by +. The SFCC catalog presents more detailed course description information about Developmental Studies courses.


Complete your course placement evaluation at the SFCC Testing Center to determine your Reading, English, Math, and College Success course placement level or for recommendations to other courses.

SFCC's Adult Basic Education Dept. GED Preparation Program can facilitate your preparation for the high school graduate equivalency diploma (GED) exam prior to enrollment in college.

SFCC offers to employers workforce development options for any developmental studies course.


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