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Need Counseling Services? We Can Help.

Counseling Services Welcomes You

Counseling offers ways to deal with college-related stress. It is a confidential, respectful process where you can feel safe discussing your worries or other sensitive issues. Counselors can offer one-on-one assistance and support on many personal, social and academic issues as well as timely and appropriate referrals to outside agencies and providers.

Who are we?
We are licensed professional clinical mental health counselors.

What is counseling?
Counseling is an opportunity to solve problems and learn new skills (conflict management, assertiveness, career development skills, etc.).

What can I expect from a Counseling appointment?

  • A counselor will schedule an appointment with you.
  • When you come for your appointment, the counselor will meet with you in his or her office where you can talk privately about your concerns.

Where are counselors located?
Counselors are located in Suite 201. For room numbers and contact information, please see our Contact Us web page.

Appointments are necessary. If you're in crisis, a professional counselor is always available for counseling. If you feel you’re in trouble, don’t hesitate to call or come in.


  • Learn stress and time management skills
  • Get support for personal and academic issues
  • Get help in resolving conflicts 
  • Discuss problems experienced in the classroom
  • Overcome feelings of depression or anxiety
  • Get referrals to community resources
 Career Counseling

Why do people meet with Career Counselors?

  • Discuss interests and goals
  • Formulate an educational plan to meet career goals
  • Learn more about career choices
  • Review degrees related to careers

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Counseling Services
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